Private Taxi Transfers with Koral Travel

What should you do If any cancellation / change occurs on your booking?

Our priority is to provide your accommodation, transfer, excursion, car rental or any other bookings as booked. But under any circumstances, for instance, you do not pay the balance; we have the right to cancel your booking. Koral Travel holds the right to cancel your booking. Under these circumstances, either you will be refunded or given an equivalent or closely similar standard replacement of your cancelled accommodation from us. Notwithstanding, we might be able not to provide you a replacement of your cancelled accommodation, unless one is available.

In case you would like to cancel your accommodation booking, the lead name on the booking must inform us. After we are informed regarding your accommodation booking cancellation, you should receive a cancellation confirmation from us. Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges up to the maximum specified in our booking conditions.

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